Simple IO Monad problem

kuq32tr02 at kuq32tr02 at
Fri Sep 12 23:08:30 EDT 2003


I'm starting to use Haskell for writing actual programs using monads and I'm already lost.

I have the following script:

> module Main where
> import System(getArgs)
> main = do putStr "Hello, World\n"
>           strs <- getArgs
>           map putStrLn strs

Which gives the following error:

runhugs: Error occurred
Reading file "./mailalias.lhs":
Reading file "/usr/lib/hugs/lib/System.hs":
Reading file "./mailalias.lhs":
Type checking
ERROR "./mailalias.lhs":5 - Type error in final generator
*** Term           : map putStrLn strs
*** Type           : [IO ()]
*** Does not match : IO a

Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong?


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