Why not haskell?

Graham Klyne GK@ninebynine.org
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 08:51:34 +0100

I would say that being a relatively niche technology would be a factor in 
not using Haskell, because finding staff to handle software maintenance is 

Also, I think that memory usage and performance is still an issue (real or 
imagined?  My sense is that compiled Haskell can match widely languages 
like Perl or Python, but not yet Java or C/C++).


At 01:46 04/09/03 +0200, Nick Name wrote:
>Inspired by the various replies to the "haskell for non-haskell sake" I
>wonder why so much people uses haskell "only for prototipying" or
>producing code in other languages.
>I am just curios to hear from people who do not use haskell for project
>releases, or just think it's not suitable for a mature project, what
>exactly they find bad in current haskell implementations, or perhaps in
>the standard.
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