OT - Book on Programming

Gregory Wright gwright@comcast.net
Wed, 3 Sep 2003 09:11:28 -0400

On Tuesday, September 2, 2003, at 07:54 PM, Matthew Donadio wrote:
> They have several people in the company who understand the mechanics of
> programming, but don't really understand the concepts.  I am looking 
> for
> a book to recommend to them.  I would really like to find a book that
> just discusses programming, and avoids any one particular language.  It
> would have to cover the common imperative controls, as well as basic
> data structures.

In my previous company, I recommended Thomas Standish's
_Data Structure Techniques_. It's out of print, but easily (and 
available at Amazon. I like the original 1980 edition; his later
_Data Structure Techniques in Java_ is too closely tied to the
Java language.

It covers the usual data structures (lists, trees, strings, etc.) using
pseudocode algorithms. It's at the right level for someone who has
gotten the hang of programming at the level of compiling and
debugging simple programs and is ready to move onto something
more complicated.

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