Haskell Asignement not working

Hal Daume III hdaume at ISI.EDU
Wed Oct 29 08:04:01 EST 2003

This looks like a syntax error to me.

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Rachel Reid wrote:

> bLine n )

What is the close parenthesis for (or is this a character encoding 
issue?)?  Definitely shouldn't be there...I'm guessing it should be 
something like 'k' or the like.

>  |n==0     = )

Same comment.

>  |n>0         = `sideBySide` sb (bLine (n-1))

The `foo` notation is used to make a function (in your case sideBySide) 
into an infix function, so you can write "x `foo` y".  but in your case 
you're not using it infix, so you don't want the ``s.


 - Hal

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