Library function discovery (was: "listProduct" -- is this a standard function?)

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Mon Oct 20 11:08:34 EDT 2003

At 16:38 17/10/03 -0700, Brandon Michael Moore wrote:
>The suggestion of a "types that specialize to/unify with this type" search
>would be really useful.

My main interest in Haskell is as a "scripting language" for semantic web 
applications (cf [1] et seq).  Your comment suggests a possible application 
that might be built from the tools I'm currently developing [4].

I would guess it would be feasible to modify Haddock to generate RDF [2] 
descriptions of library functions as an alternative to HTML (or, maybe 
better still, generate a form of XHTML with additional embedded markup that 
can be used to extract RDF from HTML using a simple XSLT stylesheet, cf. [3]).

It would be an interesting test of my inference toolkit to see if it can 
handle the unification required to match function signatures for this;  I 
think it would be moderately straightforward to do in bare Haskell (not 
having to worry too much about language corner cases for such an application).


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