replacing guile with haskell?

Isaac Jones ijones at
Fri Oct 17 19:17:00 EDT 2003

David Roundy <droundy at> writes:

>> Do you want to embed Haskell code or to embed a Haskell interpreter?
> I actually would like to embed a Haskell interpreter.


> Hmmmm.  I may be able to get by without calling haskell functions from C.
> Most of the work would be done in C, and haskell would just be the "glue"
> language to let the user flexibly specify what he/she wants done.  

I've always wanted to see some way to do embed Haskell in an
application the way you can for Guile.  This would be great for
Embedded Domain-Specific languages :)

Is that what you've got here?



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