"listProduct" -- is this a standard function?

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Thu Oct 16 11:00:02 EDT 2003

At 22:04 15/10/03 -0500, Matt Harden wrote:
>On Wednesday 15 October 2003 11:07 am, Graham Klyne wrote:
> > I've constructed a "listProduct" function that I think I've seen somewhere
> > else... is it a standard function?  If so, where is it defined?
>Yes.  It's called "sequence".  It's defined in the prelude.
>It works with arbitrary monads, not just lists.

That's the one, thanks (both of you).

I *thought* I'd seen this function before.

I observe this seems to be a recurring problem for me... there are so many 
very generic and useful data handling functions in Haskell, it's difficult 
for a jobbing programmer (as opposed to a language expert) to be on top of 
them all.  And the very generic nature of these function means that it's 
not so easy to index them (e.g. in the way that the Java Developers Almanac 
series does for Java).

Am I overlooking any important developer resources?


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