Proper Etiquette

Alastair Reid alastair at
Wed Oct 15 14:59:56 EDT 2003

>    A couple of days ago I posted a question about the cgi library,
> which was not answered. 

Hopefully, this repeat request will get you some answers (though I note that 
Graham Klyne did answer your question at length on 23/6/2003).

In the future, a couple of things you might do to increase the chance of reply 

1) Use plain ASCII in email.

   Some people use old mail readers that can't display HTML.

   Other people (myself included) use new mail readers that
   can display HTML but they turn off HTML processing to 
   avoid any security issues.

   Both groups will, at most, skim HTML email looking to see if
   it is something they need to read.

2) Use a descriptive subject line.

   Given the fact that you are competing against a background of
   spam for my attention and that you used HTML, you need a more
   descriptive subject line than just:

       "Re: Haskell-Cafe digest, volume 1" 

Alastair Reid

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