Haskell-beginners problem with memory consuption

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at jeltsch.net
Wed Oct 1 16:36:14 EDT 2003

Am Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2003, 15:18 schrieb Petter Egesund:
> [...]

> The problem is of course that the string is copied each time I do a
> substitute, and I wonder if a more experienced haskeller has a better
> solution to my problem.

It doesn't have to be a problem that the string is copied each time. If you 
have, e.g., functions
    f1, f2, ..., fn :: String -> String
and do something like
    f1 (f2 (... (fn string)...))
then string and the intermediate data can be removed by the garbage collector 
as soon as they are not needed.

Unfortunately, from your message it's not very clear to me what exactly you 
mean, and, unfortunately again, I'm not an expert in Haskell memory 

> I have myself considered these solutions, but they all seems non-elegant;
> [...]

Indeed, they all look very non-elegant, and I think, there is a better 

> Cheers,
> Petter Egesund


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