swap leak problem

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Wed Oct 1 12:02:52 EDT 2003

> Oh yes, one more datum.  If I run hs_perform_gc before each and every
> mallocForeignPtrBytes and reallocBytes, the leak goes much 
> more slowly, and
> the code gets much further in the job before getting killed.  
> But it still
> leaks, and still gets killed.

It could potentially be a memory leak in the RTS.  There are two ways to
proceed: if you have a GHC build around, you can compile up a debugging
RTS and run with sanity checking enabled (+RTS -DS), which will check
for memory leaks.  If there are any memory leaks in the RTS, this will
throw an assertion failure immediately.

Alternatively, you can package up your code and send it to us with
instructions on how to reproduce.


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