GHC and Panther (Mac OS X 10.3)

Thomas Davie tatd100 at
Thu Nov 20 01:06:46 EST 2003

   I've just upgraded to OS X 10.3 and have been having some problems  
with ghc.  I'm using ghc 5.04.3 because it is compatible with hat - I'm  
doing a uni project on hat at the moment, so it's critical that it  
works.  When I attempt to build hmake using ghc I get a whole load of  
errors like these:

ghc -DUSE_READLINE=1 -L/sw/lib/ -lreadline -I/sw/include   -package  
lang -c -o  
Darwin7/obj/hmake/QSort.o QSort.hs
slow-fast dropthrough not mangled
         addi r0,r22,12
         cmplw cr7,r0,r23
         ble- cr7,L11
         lis r2,ha16(L_MainCapability$non_lazy_ptr)
         lwz r2,lo16(L_MainCapability$non_lazy_ptr)(r2)
         lwz r29,12(r2)
         b L12
         lwz r15,0(r22)
         lwz r16,4(r22)
         lwz r17,8(r22)
         addi r22,r22,12
         lis r2,ha16(L_sAi_fast3$non_lazy_ptr)
         lwz r29,lo16(L_sAi_fast3$non_lazy_ptr)(r2)
         mtctr r29
         .align 2
.section __TEXT,__text,regular,pure_instructions

Which eventually drop down to one error that kills the whole process:

ghc -DUSE_READLINE=1 -L/sw/lib/ -lreadline -I/sw/include   -package  
lang -c -cpp -o  
Darwin7/obj/hmake/Compat.o Compat.hs
Compat.hs:1: parse error on input `#'
make[1]: ***  
powerpc-Darwin7/obj/hmake/Compat.o] Error 1
make: *** [targets/powerpc-Darwin7/hmake-ghc] Error 2

I'm guessing that there's some binary compatibility issues here...  
Could it be panther using gcc3.3?



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