Graphical Programming Environments (was: ANNOUNCE: Release of Vit al, an interactive visual programming environment for Haskell)

David Barton dlb at
Thu Nov 13 08:11:40 EST 2003

I love religious wars.

Having been around awhile, I make a prediction.  This will thrash a while,
those who like graphical environments will make their points, those who like
textual environments will make their points, no one will convince anyone
else, and eventually it will die down.

In fact (in my opinion), people operate differently.  Some operate better
graphically, some operate better textually, and I'm glad both tools are
available.  Me, I'm a text person, but I know folks who think better in
pictures, bless 'em.

Let the games begin.

Dave Barton
EDAptive Computing

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