Type tree traversals [Re: Modeling multiple inheritance]

Ralf Laemmel ralf at cwi.nl
Thu Nov 6 18:22:40 EST 2003

Brandon Michael Moore wrote:

>Great. But I can't build from the source: I'm getting errors about a
>missing config.h.in in mk. I'm just trying autoconf, comfigure. I'll look
>closer over the weekend.
Use the following (more specifically autoREconf).
The GHC build guide is behind.

> cvs -d cvs.haskell.org:/home/cvs/root checkout fpconfig

or use anonymous access.

> cd fptools
> cvs checkout ghc hslibs libraries testsuite

testsuite is optional and many other nice things are around.

> find . -name configure.ac -print

to find all dirs that need autoreconf (not autoconf anymore)

> autoreconf
> (cd ghc; autoreconf)
> (cd libraries; autoreconf)
> ./configure

allmost done

> cp mk/build.mk.sample mk/build.mk

Better this sample than no mk/build.mk at all.

> gmake

Builds a nice stage2 compiler if you have ghc for bootstrap, alex, 
happy, ...,
but otherwise configure would have told you.


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