Haskell Employers

Claus Reinke claus.reinke@talk21.com
Tue, 27 May 2003 10:19:41 +0100

> So are there companies that pay people to write in Haskell, 
> .. I do know of Galois Connections in Oregon; are there others?

Sure. If you look through the Haskell Community and Activities Reports
(doesn't anyone read those anymore?-), you'll find some Haskell employees 
(apart from the obvious Microsoft and the secretive Galois, Xilinx, National 
Semiconductor, Aetion Technologies and Reid Consulting have been 
mentioned, Tom Pledger has been writing about a Haskell-like DSL for business 
data processing he is working on for his employer, the PDF group at Heriott-Watt 
lists some industrial collaborators, ..). We haven't seen reports about Sandburst/
BlueSpec, and there have been contributors with commercial affiliations who 
haven't admitted to any connections between their work and Haskell interests, 
so I'm sure there are more silent runners..

It would be nice to hear from others using Haskell on their jobs, even if there's 
no official company policy about it and no prospect of new Haskell-related 
jobs at their place (only Galois and Cesarini Consulting are listed in the
Haskell "positions in industry" category at haskell.org - perhaps there should 
be a more general "current Haskell employers" category instead?-).

> or indeed in any functional language? 

Now, that is an entirely different situation: if one includes Lisp, Scheme, 
Erlang, etc. (not to mention in-house languages) then commercial fp applications 
are so long-established that functional programmers are hired and fired like 
anyone else. The weekly job summaries on comp.compilers used to be helpful..

A completely different question is whether anyone is hiring right now..

Good Luck!