I want to hear from you today my good friend.

Farnades Clark farnades003@caramail.com
Fri, 02 May 2003 12:25:18 +0200

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Mr. Farnades Clark
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear Sir, 

I am an accountant and a member of the Contract Tender Board (CTB) of the =
Petroleum, Oil & Gas Corporation of South Africa (Pty) Ltd also known as =
PetroSA. I am presently on a special diplomatic duty in the South Africa =
foreign office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I got your contact through =
discreet inquiries in my search for a reliable individual or company who can =
handle a strictly confidential transaction that involves the transfer of a =
reasonable sum of money to a foreign account. I have no doubt in your ability =
to handle a financial business of considerable amount, which will form the =
bedrock of an extensive business partnership in due course. In unfolding this =
proposal, I want to count on your status that you will handle this =
transaction with all maturity and confidentiality it deserves.

The money we want to transfer to you amount to a total of US$15.500,000.00 =
(Fifteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) only. It was =
extracted from various over-invoiced contracts, masterminded by myself and =
some of my colleagues for our mutual benefit when the contracts was awarded =
by the Contracts Tender Board (CTB) of the Petroleum, Oil & Gas Corporation =
of South Africa (PTY) Ltd. The above over-invoiced sum has been drafted and =
short-listed for final payment to a foreign bank account and it has been =
reflected as an amount to be paid to a foreign contractor for contract that =
has been executed for the Petroleum, Oil & Gas Corporation of South Africa =
(PTY) Ltd. The money is currently floating in the suspense account of the =
South Africa Reserve Bank (SARB) awaiting claim by a foreign partner, which =
status we absolutely want you to assume. The code of conduct bureau in South =
Africa has made it an offence for civil servants like us to(A) operate a =
foreign account (B) own a foreign company and (C) take up contract while =
still in active service. This is why we need your assistance.
Now is the optimum period to realize this fund following the recent directive =
given to all-federal parastatals and corporations to pay off all foreign =
debts. I therefore seek your assistance to allow the remittance of this fund =
to be made to your personal or company=92s bank account. We have agreed that =
30% of the total sum will be given to you and 70% will be for me and my =
colleagues after the successful transference of the fund to your bank =
I want to assure you that all modalities for the successful transfer of this =
money to your account has been perfectly worked out and as such, there is no =
fear of failure. However, I would want to believe that you are honest enough =
and will not raise any misgiving attitude In any aspect of the transaction. =
Most importantly, you will keep this transaction very confidential so as not =
to tarnish the confidence reposed on these officials by the nation=92s =
financial house.

If this business proposal interest you, kindly indicate your willingness to =
me strictly on email Address: farnades_2003@rediffmail.com) and telephone No: =
+31-630-298-657 for immediate commencement of the transaction. To enable this =
fund to be successfully transferred to your account, you will also have to =
provide the following information:
1.Your company name and address that you wish to use as the beneficiary to =
claim the fund.
2.Your private telephone,fax Numbers. 
3.Your Bank name, address and account number where you would want the money =

More information about the remittance of the fund to your account will be =
sent to you when I 
receive your response.  Meanwhile, your swift response will help us to meet =
the ultimatum given to all foreign contractors in this payment quarter to =
ensure that funds are claimed.

We also wish to discuss investment strategy with you. We have the plan of =
investing part of our fund in real estate with your assistance in your =
Please, treat this information as confidential.

Yours faithfully,
farnades clark