how to track down infinite loop?

Olaf Chitil
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 18:24:04 +0000

David Roundy wrote:
> Any ideas for tricks to see where a program is looping indefinitely? I'm
> sure I can track down this bug pretty easily, but is seems like this is
> something one really ought to be able to do...

May I answer your question by advertising the Haskell tracer Hat?

The various trace viewing tools of Hat show you your computation in
various ways and thus help you in particular to locate a fault. In your
case hat-trail is the right tool. Just start hat-trail with the trace of
your looping computation (you may interrupt the computation early to
save time and trace space; but note that a traced computation is
considerably slower). Then repeatedly press "enter" to see the whole
virtual stack. Each stack entry shows a function with its arguments in
most evaluated form.

I should point out that Hat works for Haskell 98; it supports only few
libraries and no ghc language extensions. Real soon we will release a
new version supporting more libraries, a few language extensions
(multiparameter classes, functional dependencies) and some other


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