Asynchronous exceptions and "resume"

Nick Name
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:21:16 +0100

Hi all, is there a way, or is it planned to, or has anyone published
articles on... resuming from asynchronous exceptions?

I mean: it would be useful there was a 

suspend :: ThreadID -> IO ()

where the result is the remaining computation of the other thread, wich
one could forkIO again, or simply run in the current thread. 

If this is not possible, it would still be useful that the IO action
returned by "suspend" would only "resume" the other thread, as an
alternative to a brutal "kill" wich destroys any work done by the other

The first form seems interesting when one wants to fork off a long
computation, but wants the ability to wait for it again if necessary;
pointers to articles are always appreciated.