parsing e-mail messages (Re: African money)

Ketil Z. Malde
26 Mar 2003 07:49:10 +0100

Peter Simons <> writes:

> Mark Carroll writes:

>> Perhaps I'll have to look out for a library for parsing e-mail
>> messages.

> I have written a set of parser functions for RFC 2822 messages, which
> should do exactly that. It's not finished yet, but if you're
> interested in using the code (and in providing feedback), I'll gladly
> give you -- and anybody else, for that matter -- a copy.

..and if anybody cares, I've cooked up functions that build word
frequency tables, and compare them using a Bayesian approach (more or
less like Paul Graham's "A Plan for Spam").  Haskell, of course.

Need a bit of tweaking, but works reasonably well, last time I

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