MacOS X Project Builder and Haskell

Ashley Yakeley
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 19:29:34 -0700

At 2003-06-25 11:51, Andre Pang wrote:

>Hi Ashley, I guess you've heard of the announcements of the new Apple 
>IDE announced at WWDC recently ("Xcode").  I'm at WWDC right now, and 
>I'll do my best to talk to the Apple engineers there to make sure that 
>all the infrastructure is in place to be able to integrate Haskell/GHC 
>with Xcode.  Xcode does look a little bit more extensible than Project 
>Builder, but since it's in beta, not everything is actually 
>documented/integrated yet (in particular, its native build system).

The (reduced) screen-shots of Xcode on the Apple site are so pretty I was 
worrying whether it would actually be as powerful as PB, which I'm fairly 
impressed with. I'm delighted to hear that Xcode will be even more 

>However, if you still want to use Project Builder, I have managed to 
>get GHC integration going.  It's not pretty (put it this way: Perl is 
>involved ...), but it _does_ work.  I'm planning to release it in ~2 
>weeks, but if you can't wait, email me back and I'll give you a preview 
>if I have time :).

All my Haskell development is cross-platform at the moment, so I must use 
makefiles and thus "legacy" targets anyway. Though I'm sure I'll have a 
look at it when you've finished with it...

Actually my biggest build problem at the moment is that the version of 
make that comes with the system is buggy. I use the make that comes with 
fink, but of course not everyone has that installed. Perhaps this will be 
fixed in the new Darwin.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA
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