Please contact me

Joseph Makale
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 15:03:44 -0700

JUNE16TH=2E=2C 2003


It is my great pleasure to write you this letter on behalf of my colleagues=2E
Your information was given to me by a member of the South African Export
Promotion Council =28SAEPC=29 who was with the Government delegation on a trip
to your country for a United Nations bilateral conference talk on
sustainable development to encourage foreign investors=2E I have decided to
seek a confidential co-operation with you in the execution of a deal
here-under for the benefit of all parties and hope you will keep it
confidential because of the nature of the business=2E

Within the Department of Minerals and Energy where I work as an assistant
Director of Audit=2C with the co-operation of two other top officials=2C we have
in our possession an overdue contractor payment in US Dollars funds=2E

The said funds represent certain percentage of the contract value executed
on behalf of my Department by a foreign contracting firm=2C =28Pearls Ltd=29 which
we the officials over-invoiced to the amount of US$15=2C200=2C000 =28Fifteen
Million Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars=29=2E

Since the present elected Government is determined to pay foreign
contractors all debts owed=2C so as to maintain good relations with foreign
governments and non-governmental agencies=2C we included our bills for
approvals with the Department of Finance and the Reserve Bank of South
Africa =28RBSA=29=2E We are 100+% sure of funds approvals to anyone or company we
=28The Audit Committee=29 recommend as part of the sub-contractors who did jobs
for the Department=2E We are seeking your assistance to front as the
sub-contractor of the unclaimed funds=2C since we are not allowed to operate
foreign accounts=2E Details and change of beneficiary information upon
application for claim to reflect payment and approvals will be secured on
behalf of You=2Fyour Company=2E

My colleagues and I are prepared to give you US$2=2E5m while we take US$7=2E4m
and the balance of US$5=2E3m for taxes and miscellaneous expenses incurred=2E

This business is completely safe and secure=2C provided you treat it with
utmost confidentiality=2E It does not matter whether You=2Fyour Company does
contract projects=2C as a transfer of rights will be secured in favor of
You=2Fyour Company through the Federal high Court of South Africa before we
can proceed=2E
I have reposed my confidence in you and hope that you will not disappoint
us=2E Kindly notify me immediately for further details upon your acceptance of
this proposal=2E You can contact me by email=2E
Yours Faithfully=2C

Joseph Makale =28Mr=2E=29