List comprehensions

Graham Klyne
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 19:03:07 +0100

In a response to me on the "powerset" thread, you wrote:

At 19:50 04/06/03 -0400, Derek Elkins wrote:
>In fact, you could rewrite the
>whole thing as concatMap (flip combinations as) [1..length as].  A list
>comprehension with only one source and no filters is the same as a map.

Is there any particular reason to avoid using a list comprehension, even if 
a map would do?  I ask because I seem not infrequently to find that a list 
comprehension is more compact and easier to read, even though map could 
suffice.  This may be when the applied function is relatively complex, and 
would otherwise require a sequence of 'where' definitions.

My current example is this:

-- |Graph substitution function.
--  This function performs the substitutions in 'vars', and
--  replaces any nodes corresponding to unbound query variables
--  with new blank nodes.
rdfQuerySubsBlank :: RDFQueryBindings -> RDFGraph -> [RDFGraph]
rdfQuerySubsBlank vars gr =
         [ remapLabels vs bs True g
         | v <- vars
         , let (g,vs) = rdfQuerySubs2 v gr
         , let bs     = allLabels isBlank g

I could write it with map, but the ways I came up with all seemed 
convoluted and difficult to follow.


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