Is my question bad ?

Alastair Reid
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 10:18:36 +0100

On Saturday 31 May 2003 12:29 pm, Antoine Utonium wrote:
> I recently asked you who knows how to link haskell-made code to C apps, or
> call haskell code from C code, or encapsulate, traduce, Haskell code in C
> code.
> I just want to use haskell when I need advanced algorithms, & C for I/O,
> and GUI (under windows)..

If the library you want to use is already available under COM, I agree with 
Karl M Syring that Haskell->COM tools (i.e., H/Direct) are the way to go.

If they are available as normal C libraries, I'd recommend using either the 
foreign function interface (ffi)

or one of the tools that sits atop the foreign function interface.  There is a 
very preliminary and slightly dated overview of all the tools here:

The best place to ask for information is on the ffi mailing list 
(  In general, the more specific your question, the better 
the answer is likely to be.

Hope this helps.

Alastair Reid