Haskell book recommendation?

bjkwak haskell-cafe@haskell.org
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 12:07:26 -0400

Christian Maeder wrote:
> bjkwak wrote:
> > I have downloaded and read some tutorials from
> > the Haskell home page, but most of them are
> > incomplete and I decided to buy a book or two.
> Did you try http://www.isi.edu/~hdaume/htut/tutorial.ps ?
> "Yet Another Haskell Tutorial by Hal Daume III et al.
> A tutorial for Haskell that is still under construction but covers
> already much ground."
> This book (currently 189 pages) quite met my taste with respect to the
> selection of important basic features and (for beginners not so
> important) advanced features (that are partly still missing). It favours
> to use the compiler ghc and the interpreter ghci. (More over it is free,
> i.e. you have to bind yourself.)

Yes, I am currently reading the book and I like it a lot.
In fact, I have bound it myself.  But, as you pointed out,
there are several chapters missing (only titles), and I
think eventually I will need to buy a book.

> Of course, Thompon's "craft" and the hugs interpreter are good as well.
> (In fact, it is our standard teaching book.)
> I would be glad if we had comparable books written in german.

I will take it as another recommendation of Thompson's book :)

> Christian