functional "updatable" graph

Ron de Bruijn
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 11:38:07 -0700 (PDT)

Are you sure that your data structure shouldn't be
expressed by a 
In that case, there is a very recent thread (last post
today) on
functional graph algorithms. I think that the
difficulties you are
facing are from the fact that you are trying to
express a purely
functional "updatable" graph.

Should I understand from this, that this is a
difficult problem and that there exist no easy way to
do this at the moment?

About the graphs:Well, I never had graphs at school
yet(first year student)... Although it is somewhere in
my textbooks...

To solve my problem... I need an mutable array, but in
Haskell my program will then be unbelievable

I have been following the discussion about the graph
and so, but the arrow classes and so on, are like
something too sophisticated for me at this moment I
think, although I have some idea of how they work, I
really don't know when to apply them. I just found
out, how Monads work, so...

But I certainly believe that my problem must be fixed
before it's easy to program in Haskell.

Greets Ron

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