Decimal Literals

Ashley Yakeley
Sat, 12 Jul 2003 04:05:26 -0700

In article <>, (Ketil Z. Malde) wrote:

> I.e. for 3.14, allow any rational number in [3.14,3.15), or
> perhaps (3.135,3.145]?

Specifically the simplest rational in the range (I prefer the second 
one, "round half even"). One rational is simpler than another if both 
its numerator and denominator are closer to zero. In any given range, 
there is one rational that is simpler than all the others.

I have a function that finds this rational, because I had to implement 
it for HScheme, because there's a function specified in R5RS called 
"rationalize" that must do this. In this case it tells me the simplest 
rational is 22/7.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA