Gerhard Navratil navratil@geoinfo.tuwien.ac.at
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 12:49:21 +0100

At the department we use Haskell for several courses and as a modelling
tool in master- and PhD-thesis. A few years ago Damir Medak held a short
internal workshop to answer most of the beginners questions and I
created a tutorial text from his material.

The tutorial could be useful for beginners because it contains lots of
examples to explain the concepts. Included are function definition,
lists, data types and polymorphism. Excluded are aspects of efficiency
and user interaction (esp. monadic programming).

The tutorial can be found here as a PDF-File:

I hope you find the tutorial useful and I would be glad to get some
feedback for further improvement.

Gerhard Navratil

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