Preventing/handling space leaks

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Sun Dec 7 22:53:45 EST 2003

"Henk-Jan.van.Tuyl" <Henk-Jan.van.Tuyl at> writes:

> L.S.,


> Does anyone know about documentation (preferably on the Web) on how to
> prevent/find/remove space leaks?  Are there any differences between
> Hugs and GHC or any other Haskell platform, regarding space leaks?

I should probably invest the time to learn Hat or Buddha or something,
but I find I get pretty far using GHCs (mostly adopted from NHC, I
believe) memory profiling.  Look it up in the (excellent) User Guide! 

> Java, for example, does not have [space leaks]

Makes me wonder why my Java-using aquaintances are so frustrated about
it, then... :-) 

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