Poll: How to respond to homework questions

Tom Pledger Tom.Pledger@peace.com
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 08:38:50 +1200

Matthew Donadio writes:
 | Tom Pledger wrote:
 | > (D) Give a critique of what the questioner has tried so far.
 | There is a big difference between "I am having some trouble with this
 | homework problem.  This is what I did.  Could someone give me some
 | tips?  Thanks" and "How do I write a map function in Haskell?"
 | For the first case, I would vote for D and/or E as appropriate.  For the
 | second case, I vote for (F) Ignore.

In collating the replies, I intend to treat D as including "If
necessary, ask to see what the questioner has tried so far" so that
it's more widely applicable.

I assume that almost all of us approve of the "Ignore" option, because
it's what almost all of us do when a homework question turns up.
That's why the list only contained active options.

- Tom