Haskell indentation

Per Larsson per@L4i.se
Tue, 26 Aug 2003 14:00:32 +0200


I have problems finding a pleasing indentation style for haskell code.
Especially nested do-blocks have a tendency to run away to the right marg=
When looking on source code from experienced haskell programmers, there=20
seems not to be any consensus at all, everyone uses their own convention=20
and in many cases one changes style in the same module.

Also, the automatic tools are problematic: the emacs mode I'm using
bails out in certain contexts and there are few user customizations avail=
The haskell-src module in the GHC library offers a parser
and pretty-printer for haskell code with nice options for customizing
the indentation, but it can't handle comments which is a problem if
you want to use it as a basis for implementing a indentation tool.

Is there anyone who have given this some thought and have some
suggestions for a consistent indentation style and/or desktop tools
which I'm not aware of?