New Haskell and FPO merchandise available

K. Fritz Ruehr
Mon, 18 Aug 2003 04:24:12 -0700 (PDT)

Newly-designed Haskell, FP and related merchandise (mostly T-shirts) are
now available at the URLs below. I didn't receive many specific requests
on logo/product combinations from my last post, so I have tried to pick
and choose as best I can (I've included at least men's and women's white
T-shirts, in two styles for the women, for all the new designs I used).

It may be difficult to get items in time for ICFP in Uppsala, for which
I apologize. On the other hand, the actual physical products are as yet
untested (i.e., for print quality), so perhaps it is just as well if I
manage to get some samples to wear to the conference: that way you may
have a chance to see them "live" before you buy. Note that all items are
provided at cost, i.e., I get no profit, although CafePress does.

Almost all shirts have extra material on the back side: it turns out
that no premium is charged for this, so I tried to give the best value
for the money (exceptions include the "new logo" baby doll shirt, the
"classy" logo golf shirt, all of the "dysfunctional programming" shirts
and the Generic Haskell shirts; Pancito back-side art should be up soon).

Certainly if there are any logos from the original set you would like
turned into a product, or any other variations, let me know by return
mail (see <>).

  --  Fritz Ruehr

PS: Thanks to all who made such encouraging comments on the designs,
and also to Andrew Cooke for the Pancito artwork.


 * Original logo (Pan image on back):  

 * New Haskell logo (words on front, circle back): 

 * Haskell "purity" logo (w/ "Pure Fun" on back):  

 * Alternate "classy" logo (feature list on back): 

 * Dysfunctional programming (nothing on back):    

 * Strong, static types (typing judgement on back):

 * HOT [higher-order typed] (lambda on back):      

 * Do it in a Monad (monad laws on back):          

 * Generic Haskell logo (no back as
yet):			<>

 * Pancito "bugs" artwork (no back
*yet*):			<>