Yet Another Monad Tutorial

Jeff Newbern
12 Aug 2003 15:29:27 +0100


Hhhmmm.  That is an interesting issue, and I am unsure how to treat it
in the tutorial.  I did attempt to explain the ability of the monad to
isolate impure computations, but I think I need to make a better
explanation of what an action is and how it is used.

As for the question of whether using a monad in this way casts Haskell
out of the ranks of the functionally pure, I don't know.  This feels to
me like a debate over personal interpretation, with decent arguments on
both sides.  I think the most accurate thing to say is that it enables
Haskell to incorporate non-pure features without destroying the purity
of the core of the language.

Any suggestions for how best to present this issue to a reader who may
be new to the world of FP?  Should we mention it at all?


Alistair Bayley wrote: 
> Thanks. Quite comprehensive.
> Peter Van Roy (the Mozart/Oz guy) said this on the PragProg list, and 
> I didn't have the knowledge to respond. It's a point you might want to
> address, perhaps in this section?:
> [Discussion of whether I/O monad makes Haskell impure]

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