Problems with IO

Ch. A. Herrmann
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 15:15:05 +0200

Hi Pavel,

>>>>> "pavel" == pavel  <> writes:

    pavel> My task is to write a parser for some language (TSG).
    pavel> ...
    pavel> Why should I use that "do" thing? What is so "magical" in it?

    pavel> PS: Please, don't say that I'm stupid, I just have problem
    pavel> with understanding IO/Monad part, besides that is just me
    pavel> second week of Haskell... :)

I think that your task is not appropriate for a Haskell beginner.
You should go to the person who gave you the task and tell
him/her that you need much more time to learn Haskell, understand
how monads are to be used and, maybe, what type classes are. 
Otherwise, you cannot guarantee that your program will
work the way it is supposed to.

Good luck