New to Haskell

Alastair Reid
24 Oct 2002 18:57:24 +0100

> Hi, My name is Andy Schmidt and I am new to Haskell.  My prof just
> introduced me to it yesterday actually.  I want to learn more.  It
> sounds like a really interesting thing.  So let me know what I need
> to do in order to get started.  Thanks Andy

Go to

Hunt there for compilers (Hugs is a good start and very portable).
Hunt there for books (anything listed there that is also in your
 university library is a good start).
Also read the things about what Haskell is especially good for.

Be aware that many mailing lists and research papers deal with awkward
corner cases that you won't hit for a while.  You don't need to know
about multi-parameter type classes, existential types,
non-deterministic exceptions, implicit parameters and monads for a

Hope this helps,

Alastair Reid         
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