Binary read/write WAS [storing to a file]

Alastair Reid
14 Nov 2002 21:46:46 +0000

> I've been fiddling with binary read/write in Haskell. I put together
> a little example demonstrating my lack of understanding. It creates
> a connection requestion XAtom and spits it out over a socket. My
> real hangup occurs when I get a String back from the Socket and
> would like it nicely marshalled into the ConnectSuccess type. These
> techniques I would assume apply to binary read/write for files as
> well.

IIRC, the Fudgets library reads and writes X sockets so you could look here:

There is also the Xlib binding which works with both GHC and Hugs
and is used in HGL:

Alastair Reid