storing to a file

Thu, 14 Nov 2002 17:39:10 +0000

> There's been mention of a Binary module; ..  That said, there was
> also a post about using plain text.  I tend to agree, except for
> certain cases.  However, that is *not* to say that you should
> necessarily use Show/Read.  

| Actually, "deriving binary" would be a nice thing to have in general
| - even more, a way to add your own "deriving" things from within
| Haskell, although I have no idea how such a thing would work.

In this context, DrIFT should be mentioned:

Binary is already supported, I think (what about the new Binary
variants?), but adding new instance derivation rules for your own
external formats shouldn't be too difficult. So nobody has to stick
to Show/Read for convenience reasons if there are other arguments
against (such as those listed by Hal).


PS The Haskell ATerm Library might also be relevant?

   (the jDrift mentioned there is subsumed by the upcoming 
    Drift2.0, merging various previous versions)