ghc binary, fptools CVS jamming :-(

Simon Marlow
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:45:01 -0000

> Do I have to compile every packages again if I upgrade ghc ?


> It is a pleasure to make use of the utilities (greencard,=20
> HOpenGL, etc). But what
> When I try to use CVS repository and stand-alone binary distribution
> together (because I wanted to see hdirect is like and v 0.16=20
> does not work with ghc-5.xx) I felt very much discouraged.
> What should I do ?
> Do I always have to compile everything from the fptools source again ?

If you install a new version of GHC, then you need to recompile anything
which was compiled with the old version.

If all you want to do is compile HOpenGL, say, then you don't need to
install a new version of GHC.