producing and consuming lists

Jorge Adriano
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 17:48:57 +0000

> > But like I just showed, sometimes paring them may not be a natural
> > approach though...
> Yeah, I understand what you mean.  In the examples you give, you could
> always try to make the appended stuff (the zs, etc) the same length by
> appending Nothings, but probalby not a general solution.

Yes maybe, I was hoping I could find a more elegant solution though.

> I wonder if, given you original function which returns ([Int],[Int]), y=
> couldn't do something really ugly like using unsafeInterleaveIO on writ=
> the first list, and then write the second list "by hand".
> Just a thought.

If "consuming" is just writing stuff to files I think Trace (which uses=20
unsafeInterleaveIO) would be just fine, but "consuming" might be more tha=
that. In that case I'd have to fuse the functions that consume each of th=
streams, with the function that produces them.=20