toEnum with international chars

Simon Marlow
Tue, 28 May 2002 15:03:58 +0100

> Oh, my bad, I think I gave a wrong list there. 66 is of=20
> course 'B', I was a=20
> little sleepless at the time of writing. Now having enjoyed a=20
> few hours of=20
> sleep I can express more eloquently :)
> It seems to be the fourth character that is the problem, but=20
> then again that's=20
> my mistake. Thank you.
> Still it attracts my attention that I cannot type =FE in ghci=20
> while I can type=20
> it in bash. I think I can't type any of those international=20
> chars in ghc.=20
> Maybe some bug fix is in order.

Perhaps you could give an example?  Bash and GHCi both use the Readline =
library, and as far as I can tell you can type exactly the same =
characters to both.