Haskell slicing tool?

Richard Uhtenwoldt ru@river.org
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 14:15:23 -0800

Olaf Chitil writes:

>Sengan.Baring-Gould@nsc.com wrote:
>> > > Are there any tools to perform program slicing on Haskell?
>> > > I often find myself wanting to find all "fromJusts" invoked
>> > > from the current function, or all functions that use a
>> > > particular member of my monad's ADT.
>> Actually I was hoping for a static tool.
>I'd be interested to learn for what purpose you want this kind of
>information and also more precisely what you would like such a static
>tool to do for you.

I do not know Sengan but, from reading that one paragraph I will
venture that he is one of those programmers who refactors his code
a lot and wants the information to to facilitate refactoring.

(by refactoring I mean changing interface boundaries, eg,
introducing and eliminating functions.)
Richard Uhtenwoldt