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Alastair David Reid reid@cs.utah.edu
14 Mar 2002 19:34:51 +0000

<jjj9159@hanmail.net> writes:
> I am a student who study a computer programing.  I want to have
> Haskell software to study .  However, it is very hard to get
> the Haskell . and I hope you give me the way to get the Heskell.
> If you mail me to show the way to get the Heskell , I would
> appreciate your kindness. 

See http://haskell.org/hugs/ for an easily installed Haskell compiler.
It has version for Windows and Unix.

See http://haskell.org/implementations.html for other versions.

See http://haskell.org/ for lots of other information.

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