Conversion/porting to "mainstream" languages

Mark Carroll
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 18:16:39 -0500 (EST)

One criticism I've received of the suggestion that we use Haskell in our
business is that some particularly large clients will demand code in some
'standard' language that they know they can deal with, especially if they
end up stuck with the software and we stop supporting it.

How are others dealing with this? How big a project would it be to
translate, say, from Haskell to C or Java? I'm guessing that you'd borrow
a lot of the type-inferencing, etc. from the current compilers - how easy
is their code to get to grips with? I suppose that at least something to
translate Haskell to Java bytecode would be useful someday, and then you
could 'decompile' back to Java, perhaps, but as we wouldn't be doing
graphical stuff with Haskell anyway then C might be best.

Anyhow, any thoughts or comments on this difficulty would be of interest.

-- Mark