Date Sorting...

Ketil Z. Malde
08 Mar 2002 09:45:46 +0100

David Feuer <> writes:

> Sorting is probably easiest if you use the standard sort function.  I'm
> still kind of interested in whether anyone has done work on which
> purely-functional sorts are efficient, and particularly which ones are
> efficient in GHC.

I've implementing a trie-based quicksort workalike for sorting
sequences, it's efficient enough for my purposes (scales linearly in
practice, but I've a hard time understand why.  Explanations turn to
log-behaviour of the memory hierarchy, but I fail to see why this
should be so.)

Drop me a mail if you want details and references, it's kind of a
special case, and I haven't really compared it to anything but a naive
sortBy-based implementation.

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