can a lazy language give fast code?

Scott J.
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 01:55:14 +0200

What I also meant but did not write was this: is there anyone who would like
to redo these benchmarks and see what it gives with all the new inventions
the DHC supports?



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> > Can one write withthe Haskell compliler faster code than in
> > the examples of  where
> > GHC (old Haskell 98?) seems to be much slower than Ocaml  or
> > Mlton both strict functional languages.
> > Can one expect any improvements in speed in the future?
> Many of those programs can be written differently to improve
> performance.  One issue that is affecting performance in several cases
> is the speed of character I/O, and the representation of Strings as
> lists of characters.  Dramatic improvements can be had by using unboxed
> arrays of Char (Data.Array.Unboxed), or PackedString (which these days
> is implemented using unboxed arrays in GHC).
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> Simon
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