François Bédard bedard@info.uqam.ca
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 19:41:58 -0400

Florian Hars wrote:
> François Bédard wrote:
>> The link to Andrew Cooke's haskell.sty is broken and I couldn't find 
>> the file at his new home (www.acooke.org/andrew/).
> I just appended the old filname to the new hostname, and behold, there 
> it was:
> http://www.acooke.org/jara/pancito/haskell.sty
> Yours, Florian.

Well, that's very devious of you, Florian ;)

I must say I did try that, but I didn't try removing the "andrew" part; 
I also tried the search engine on the site plus looking in every corner, 
but there you go, putting my searching abilities to shame ;)

I'm now submerged in options, but that's much better than having none...