Ground Up

Jerry, JiJie
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:41:10 +0800

Good day everyone, I'm a haskell newbie trying to seeking advice to
advance myself.

My backgrounds are:
* As a non-CS student, I have absolutely no knowledge of lambda calculus
* And unfortunately I have to make painful decision on spending $30
  on a book or three days' meal

While my goals are:
* Become a pragmatic haskell programmer in the shortest time
* At the minimal expense

What I have done for the past few weeks were:
* I read almost all the free educational sources at, 
* Subscribed to this mailing list and try to digest every mail
* Read most of the "The Haskell School of Expression" (by Paul
  Hudak) and the non-theoretical chapters of the "An Introduction To
  Functional Programming Systems Using Haskell" (by AJT Davie), which
  are the only two introductory level haskell related books in our

However, my problems are:
* I still don't understand most of the codes I found, like the various
  haskell libraries
* I still have no clue of most (ok, almost all) of what is being
  discussed in this mailing list

So I'm eager to know if there are cost-effective ways to achieve my
goals or at least leverage myself from the beginner's level. 

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!