a universal printer for Haskell?

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Wed, 20 Feb 2002 06:50:39 +0200

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On Wednesday 20 February 2002 03:35, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
> At 2002-02-19 09:56, Richard Uhtenwoldt wrote:
> >>This is reflection! I'd rather not have Haskell contaminated with such
> >>things;
> >
> >Can you say a little more about why you think reflection is bad?
> >Does it make the language implementation run slower?
> It's ugly, and isn't part of the spirit of the language.

The above statement cannot be a basis for any argument against Bernard's 
proposal. Where Bernard makes a careful analysis of the matter, you introduce 
your prejudice.

Since you are defining the spirit of the language, perhaps you could make a 
list of the "parts" of that spirit so that people will not come up with any 
proposal that violates your understanding of aesthetics.

A general concept such as reflection cannot be deemed as worthless in itself. 
Any system that has a tiny bit of introspective powers can be said to be 
reflective to some extent, for instance a Haskell interpreter.


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