compiling hdirect

Sigbjorn Finne
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 18:13:31 -0800

Johannes Goetx writes:
> gcc -O -mno-cygwin -mwin32    -c mkNativeInfo.c -o mkNativeInfo.o
> mkNativeInfo.c:0: malformed option `-D __WIN32__-DWIN32'
> malformed option `-D __WIN32__-DWIN32'
> Where can I change this? I could not find a file containing this
> option string.


you're using a version of gcc with a broken 'specs' file.
Locate the specs file inside your cygwin(?) install tree & change
the portion of the "*cpp:" section which expands -mwin32 and
-mno-cygwin to the following:

%{mwin32|mno-cygwin:-DWIN32 -D_WIN32 -D__WIN32
-D__WIN32__ -DWINNT }

i.e.,  add a space after -DWINNT and the '}'

This issue will soon go away, as the use of -mwin32 in GHC's
fptools/ tree is in the process of being nuked.