Interpret haskell within haskell.

Nicolas Oury
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 18:52:12 +0100

I am not sure to be relevant but I think :

* This kind of thing would be very useful in Haskell, as this language 
has shown to be very usable to model foreign problems and do Domain 
Specific Language. It would, for example, allow to use a domain 
specific  haskell script in an Haskell program.
(For example, a DSL allowing to 	move a turtle on the screen and an 
haskell application showing the behavior of the turtle we have 
programmed. ) I think as soon someone want to script his application 
written in Haskell, he wants to script it using Haskell.

*  This feature should also allow to load a compiled haskell file to 
allow better performance by compiling scripts

* I think these kinds of things are possible with a dirty hack  : 
compile the script with ghc and dynamically load the .o file using
Andre Pang's runtime loading.  (can be found here
This last solution is not type safe, but usable.

Hope that can help,

Nicolas Oury