Library for concurrent threads running

Kevin Hammond
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 09:51:49 GMT

I am also not quite sure of your motivation!

The current version of GpH is (or can be with very little difficulty) implemented using
library calls.  There is really no language extension per se, rather there are
calls to tightly-coupled C code, plus a set of high level libraries to provide
structure (evaluation strategies).  There are, of course, modifications to the
RTS to support proper scheduling, communications etc. , but these are necessary
for a properly integrated high-level approach.  If you want a low-level
approach, one of the MPI libraries for Haskell may suit you better?


At 7:16 pm +0100 16/12/02, Christian Sievers wrote:
Dusan Kolar asked:

>    My question/wish is maybe naive, but anyway:
> Is there a library (not a language extension, like
> Concurrent Haskell, Glasgow Parallel Haskell, ...) enabling
> to run two functions in parallel, possibly in cascade?

I think the best you can get without language extensions is what is described
in Koen Claessen's Functional Pearl "A Poor Man's Concurrency Monad".  It's
really nice, but not exactly what you seem to want.  You can get that article

All the best
Christian Sievers
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