AW: Editor Tab Expansion

Ketil Z. Malde
10 Dec 2002 10:40:09 +0100

matt hellige <> writes:

> I would
> PREFER if haskell enforeced a strict distinction between spaces and
> tabs for layout purposes, i.e., this:

> let x =3D y
> ^I  z =3D q
>   ^Iw =3D l
> in ...

> should be an error.=20

Simon=B9 is usually very positive to adding enhancements, if this really
turns out to be a problem, I propose that you ask for e.g.

  -fno-tabs  : indentation with tabs is an error, only spaces allowed
  -fconsistent-indent : indents must be exactly matching in a block

or whatever floats your boat, and helps you enforce your particular
coding standard.  Extra credit if you supply the patch to GHC, of
course. :-)


=B9 Haven't used the other compilers as much, but it's not my impression
that they are any less open to persuasion.
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